Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July Bike Parade

This morning was the 1st Annual Independence Day Bike Parade in Grandma and Papa's neighborhood. It was to start at 9 a.m. and we were getting a little nervous when a quarter to nine, we were the only ones out there. We decorated the wagon for James to sit in, and decorated Papa's quad which Paige sat on with Papa. Allie called her the Parade Princess. The girls threw tootsie rolls to the four parade watchers and some landscapers that were working in the neighbors yard. We ended up having quite a few kids turn out with their bikes and scooters all decorated. We had 3 quads and some dogs also. After the parade, everyone gathered in front of Grandma and Papa's house for popsicles (most of the kids hadn't even had breakfast it's a holiday right????) Next year they are planning to do the parade and then do a breakfast after. I think that they are doing another parade for the 24th of July. The kids can't wait. Here are some of the Parade participants

The Parade Princess and her entourage

Our four Parade goers

Popsicles for breakfast

Anything with wheels. James took over the neighbors bike. Daddy didn't want me to put this on the blog (his son on a pink bike). James didn't care. All he knew was that it had wheels and a horn, he was in heaven. Here is John pulling James. Allie started out pulling, but a lot of the kids were tired after the first little hill so the parade was only up one street. Blow kisses to everyone James:)
Here is Papa and Princess Paige, waving to all their adoring fans.

Here is Allie, throwing candy at the huge crowds that gathered to watch:)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day Out With Grandpa

Today the girls got to go fishing with Grandpa. They were so excited to go. They were only supposed to be there for 1 hour...6 hours later they came home. The girls were having so much fun, they didn't want to leave. Allie caught quite a few fish and is now really good at casting. I guess Paige doesn't have the patience to be a fishermen. She is my instant gratification child after all, but she was able to catch one fish, and boy did she carry on about catching that fish. The last 1/2 hour grandpa had Paige casting with just a weight (no hook). He was tired of cutting out all of the knots in the line (which Paige was quick to blame grandpa for:) )

Here are the girls fishing. Aren't they so cute?????

Here is Allie with her first fish.

Paige with her fish. She was so excited. They even watched a guy cut open a fish and all Paige talked about was the blood. They can't wait to go with grandpa again.:) But for now, they have to go take a bath since they both smell like fish.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Here comes the Tooth Fairy!!!!

Well, it finally happened. Allie lost her first tooth. Let me clarify that. She has lost her two bottom teeth, but the dentist pulled those because the grown up teeth were coming in and her stubborn baby teeth refused to fall out. So Allie has lost her first tooth the Natural Way. We knew that it would fall out soon, but it wasn't ready enough for mom to "help" it out:) Allie was trying to be sneaky and get into the chocolate chips without us knowing and what happened? "Mooommm, my tooth fell out" as she comes running in with chocolate all over her face and hands. See what happens when you try to be sneaky? Mom always finds out:):)

Early June Weather

Picture it. It's an early June, beautiful day. You wake up and go to get the kids ready for the day. What should they wear? Shouldn't be a hard question considering the time of year right? WRONG!!!! The kids insisted on wearing summer clothes, even though our nice June weather was more of a February cold wind storm. After driving me crazy all morning, I finally let them go outside on the back patio, thinking that it won't last long and they will be back in the house shortly. WRONG AGAIN!!!! The kids thought that it was great fun having the wind blow them all over the patio. James went squealing in delight. Notice the trees bending in the background?

Here are the kids pretending to be Superman. After the picture was taken, they all came in to get their sweaters so they could go back outside and play.

One of our summer storms. The girls tried to be like Uncle Rob and Kamryn and make rain angels on the driveway, but they wouldn't lay there long enough to get a good outline down.