Sunday, April 26, 2009

It finally happened!!!!!

They said it happens all the time, but was it wishful thinking on my part that it would actually happen to me? Oh, maybe someday when he is much older. But dreams do come true! The came true for me today. James sat through all of Sacrament. I did not have to get up one time to take him out. Was it the two bags of activities and snacks? Who knows, who cares. I now know that it is not a myth. I am a believer now that 2 year old boys can sit for an hour without having to get up five times. Not only that, but he stayed in Nursery the whole time without mommy or daddy in there with him. Let me tell you, it was nice to sit through all of church and actually hear all the lessons:) Way to go James:):):)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A New Look

This is the second time starting this post. I was almost done when everything went black. James decided to pull the plug (which I can barely get out of the wall). So, here we go again.

I was tired of my old blog layout so I started looking around. I came across Delightful Dots off of my cousin Kellie's blog. Love Them, they are so cute so I decided on this one. Then I wanted to add a few blogs to my favorites. I added Deanna Kemple, then went to her blog. I guess great minds think alike, we picked the same background:) You have great taste Deanna:) There were so many to choose from, I might have to change it often.

Check out Jack's pics. Finally got him posted. There must be 2 Jack Sterling's in Picasa Albums because when I put his name in, I got some pictures from another persons album as well as my own, so I had to change Jack's album name to Jack Jack Sterling:)

Hope you enjoy the new look:)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pictures, As Promised

The middle of March, we moved into a basement apartment in Bountiful. We finally got our computer out of storage and set up. A few weeks later we got internet set up. Things are going good. Girls had their birthdays and both got little MP3 players. Paige kept asking me to download songs to her player, so I went to a website to listen to which songs we wanted to download and ended up downloading a virus onto our computer. Poor thing, just gets out of storage and then gets sick. We fix the computer, download the pictures and life gets busy. I forgot to update the blog. Then I go onto my sister's blog and notice that we are the last ones on her blog list because we haven't updated in over 2 months. So here are some of the most recent pics.

While living in Roosevelt, we took the kids to the Dinosaur Museum in Vernal. Had to take a pic with the Mammoth.

We also took them to the Dinosaur National Monument. If you couldn't guess, the kids love dinosaurs.

We took James to get his first real haircut (Which he hated) This is before...

And After...

We were going through boxes and the girls were giving everthing to Jack to play with.

Here is Allison and Daddy all ready to go to Allison's 8-year Baptism Bishop's Interview. Allie's Baptism will be May 2nd at 5 pm. She is the first one in her church class and is very excited. We are so proud of her for her desire to get baptized.

Easter Morning, yes, they had chocolate for breakfast, and then we went to church. Surprisingly, James made it through 90% of Sacrament and all of Nursery.

I had to put this one in for my mom. Somewhere, there is a picture of me outside, in my diaper, with my jacket on upside down, ready to go bye-bye. James wanted to go bye-bye with daddy, so he put his jacket on all by himself.