Friday, September 19, 2008

It's Been Awhile

Okay, so I was doing so well keeping everything updated, and then we moved, AGAIN. The end of July we moved into my sisters place for awhile. The girls were about to start school and we wanted to get them settled. I can't believe that it has already been almost two months that we have been here. Time has really flown by. Here is a summary of what has been happening. By the way, sorry no pictures. Since everything is still in storage (including my computer) I don't have access to downloading my pictures, and since I don't know where my camera dock is, I can't recharge my camera batteries, so no new pictures lately. That has got to change.

The girls started school at Oakcrest Elementary in August with their cousins. They absolutely love it. Allison is doing so well in second and making friends fast. Paige is loving first grade and the homework.

James has come to love Dora and Diego. He no longer watches the Baby Einstein movies, which is sad for me, it means my baby is growing up. He also can't get enough of his trucks. He lines them all up in a row on my bed and throws my pillows off to make more room for his toys. He also can't get enough of his cousin Hayley, poor thing can't even get ready for school in the morning without him following her.

As for me and the new little one coming, you got to love my doctor. My due date is October 20, he is supposed to have hip surgery on the 18th, so he scheduled my inducement for the 13th. :) Yeah!!! Now I can plan better, the girls go off track on the 15th, so I won't have to try and figure out schedules for 3 weeks. It seems like this pregnancy went by so fast. What happened to the year??? It is almost October. Next thing you know, here is Christmas.

Hopefully I will have pictures for the next post.